NADCA 2019 International Decorative Aluminum Die Casting Competition Winner
Wilkast won another NADCA Casting Competition - This time in the Decorative Aluminum Casting category! Thanks to everyone here at Wilkast for producing this award-winning part for Allied Finishing & Ground Effects!
NADCA International Decorative Zinc Die Casting Competition Winner
 Wilkast recently submitted a zinc casting to NADCA Casting Competition and won an award in the Decorative Zinc Casting category! We are very proud of the Wilkast production, quality, engineering, and management teams for working together to produce this product. We would also like to thank all of our suppliers for their efforts in delivering such a challenging, highly decorative zinc die casting to Allied Finishing & Harley Davidson!

 This is the 3rd time in the last 5 years a Wilkast casting has taken home this award!
Aluminum Die Cast Automation Retrofit Complete
Wilkast Inc. has just completed the complete retrofit of our #12 aluminum die cast machine with full automation. We have added a molten metal ladler, reciprocating sprayer, and 6-axis robot complete with laser-sensor part detection. This automation helps us further tighten our process window and gives us even more consistency in the quality of our parts and the effectiveness of our machine. We cannot wait to get started on our other three LK die cast machines! Stay tuned and check out our video below:
Wilkast Wins NADCA Safety Award - Five Years Running
Wilkast is proud to announce our fifth consecutive Perfect Safety Award from NADCA. Out of approximately 350 die casters across the world, less than 10% of the shops are fortunate to report this safety record, and even fewer can do it in consecutive years. This consistency is a testament to our people and their commitment to safety and to each other.
Die Cast Machine Installation
Wilkast has completed the heavy lifting portion of our new equipment install! All three die casting machines are installed and being hooked up. We are automating all three cells with robots, ladlers, recips, and more. These machines are state-of-the-art and increase the already solid lead we have in the decorative and functional aluminum die casting market. People, Processes, Products... that's the Wilkast Advantage!

Check out the full time-lapse video of the machine installation:
Wilkast Purchases State-of-the-Art Die Cast Machines for Aluminum
Wilkast is very excited to announce the delivery of three - 1000 ton die cast machines with state-of-the-art automation and robotics. Coupled with industry leading Process Monitoring Software and thermodynamic controls, we will be able to give our customers an unparalleled offering of cutting edge technology, lean processes, venerable expertise, and repeatable quality. These machines will cast AL 360 aluminum alloy once they are commissioned and will be fed by an effective and efficient launder system. Our commitment to continuously improve our ability to serve our customer puts us in a category that very few suppliers can achieve and maintain. That is the Wilkast Difference! Let us know how we can serve your needs in zinc die casting and aluminum die casting.
Wilkast Wins 2015 International Die Casting Award
Wilkast has won another die casting award, this time for its zinc die cast Upper Clamp with Speedo Housing combination casting!
Wilkast Expands Aluminum Die Cast Division
Wilkast has purchased two additional aluminum die cast machines with furnaces and trim presses to complete the added production cells after being awarded several new die cast programs.

Wilkast's aluminum die cast capabilities have grown 45% over the past two years.
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