Because of its superior mechanical properties, aluminum die castings are among the highest volume, mass produced items manufactured by the metalworking industry today.

Aluminum Alloys Offered

  Alloy A380: The most common of the aluminum die casting alloys. It offers the best combination of casting and product properties. It is used for a wide variety of products such as garden equipment, chassis for electronic equipment, engine brackets, housings for automotive alternators, starters and water pumps, home appliances, furniture, office equipment, hand tools, and power tools.

  Alloy A360: This alloy offers high corrosion resistance and superior strength at elevated temperatures, while other properties are essentially equivalent to that of A380.

Aluminum Die Cast Team

Aluminum Die Cast Equipment

• 5 Fully Automated Die cast machines:
  · Three 1000 ton machines
  · One 950 ton machine
  · One 800 ton machine
• 4/5 Machines are outfitted with process monitoring equipment
• 1 Central melting furnace with launder system - 10,000 lb. capacity
• 2 Standalone melt furnaces - 3,000 lb. capacity

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