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Wilkast was founded in 1979 by Tom, Sr. and Pat Wilkerson.

In the early years, Wilkast began by casting highly decorative zinc castings for the plumbing industry. These chrome plated parts proved to set Wilkast apart from other die casters due to the difficult nature of these surface finishes.

As the company grew in the 1980’s, new opportunities emerged in different markets and soon Wilkast found itself casting very high volume programs for the automotive industry, some of these programs reaching 1.5 million parts per year.

During the 1990’s, Wilkast expanded its markets once again by moving into the motorcycle hardware industry, for which it was well suited due to the company’s earlier emphasis on Class A surface requirements.

In 1999, the company was sold to Tom and Curt Wilkerson, sons of the original owners, and they continue their ownership and management as of today. During this same year, Wilkast introduced aluminum alloys into the product mix and set off to cast products for the office furniture, automotive, and motorcycle hardware industries. Today, we cast for over 10 major industries and manage over 300 part numbers.

Environmental Impact

Wilkast is committed to understanding and minimizing our environmental impact. We strive to be a responsible manufacturer of the best quality die-castings while considering our efficient use of resources and reducing the impact our processes and actions have on the environment. Effort is ongoing to reduce our business travel, recycle our packaging and paper supplies, and minimize our use of water, electricity, and natural gas. We will also challenge our key suppliers to have this same approach in their business model.

Wilkast 2022 Environmental Impact Results
Scope 1 Emissions | Direct Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions (natural gas and propane consumption) → 1,963 metric tons CO2e.
Scope 2 Emissions | Indirect non-combustible emissions (electrical consumption) → 1,988 metric tons of CO2e.

We will continue to understand our emissions, and set science-based targets as goals for improvement.

Tom Wilkerson
Curt Wilkerson
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Logistics Manager
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Zinc Die Cast Supervisor
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Tool Room Supervisor
Tina Hamp
Office Manager
Sheryl Farrell
Quality Engineer
Scott Fisher
Quality Manager
Jim Endicott
Zinc Die Cast Supervisor
Chris Hillary
Machine Business Unit Manager
Faron Stern
Quality Engineer / Safety Coordinator
Steve Homrich
Engineering Manager
Al Steenwyk
Maintenance Supervisor
Bryant Price
Cost Estimator / Product Engineer
Kevin Gibson
Die Cast Production Manager
Mike Taylor
Process Engineer
Hoang Phan
CNC Unit Lead
Eric Hearld
Finishing Manager
Zach Wilkerson
Sales / Program Manager
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